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The fact that you're here means that you possibly love food just as much as I do OR that you're a brand or business looking for a food photographer / recipe developer / food stylist / content creator / all of the things. 

While Our Nourishing Table is a website & blog dedicated to providing healthy recipes developed by a Nutritionist (ahem, me), I also provide services in food photography & styling, content creation & recipe development.

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the face and creator behind Our Nourishing Table. As well as a food photographer, food stylist, recipe developer, content creator and writer, I am, first and foremost, a mother and a wife. 

It was becoming a mother that put me on the path to create Our Nourishing Table. I've always been incredibly passionate about health and eating well. Having children emphasised just how important it is to pass these values and skills on. 

I created Our Nourishing Table as a space to share with you not only the healthy recipes that I make for my family but any knowledge on health and wellness that I have learned along the way. 

Sarah Bell,

"Being healthy isn't just eating well, it is fostering meaningful relationships & connections, moving your body and making space for joy."

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